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Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club


Safe Transport Policy


The policy aims to provide a basis for the responsible use and/or non use of alcohol by the Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club and to avoid and to avoid any incidents as people travel to or from the club and its events. 


The club understands and accepts its responsibility to the safety of our members and friends. The following requirements will apply when alcohol is served, either at the club or during a club function. 


  • Bar staff shall encourage members and visitors to make alternate safe transport arrangements if they are considered to exceed .05 blood alcohol concentration (or .00 if probationary driver)
  • Telephone calls will be made free of charge to arrange a taxi or other transport
  • Contact numbers for taxi services will be clearly displayed
  • In specific cases, where a designated driver nominated by the club has accepted the responsibility to drive others home safely, the club will provide non alcoholic drinks free of charge
  • Bar servers will be provided non alcoholic drinks free of charge by the club (only for club bar staff) 

Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club -

Smoke Free Policy

The Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club recognises that passive smoking is hazardous to health and those
non-smoking club members and visitors have the right to be protected from exposure to tobacco smoke.
Accordingly, the following policy shall apply to all club facilities, functions, meetings and activities
undertaken by the club and will apply to all members, officials, players and club visitors.



All club facilities are to be completely smoke free and shall include:
· The social rooms inclusive of bar, kitchen, meeting room, toilets and storage area
· Player change rooms inclusive of warm up area, toilets and showers, medical room and
property room.
Cigarettes will not be sold (including vending machines) at any time at or by the club
Players, Officials & Coaches
Coaches, players, trainers, volunteers and officials will refrain from smoking and remain smoke
free while involved in an official junior and senior capacity for the club, on and off the field.
All club functions including social and fund raising events and meetings are to be completely smoke free:
· Ashtrays will be removed from all club facilities.
· Smokers leaving the designated licensed area of the clubs social rooms will not be permitted to
take alcohol from that area.
All club committee members will enforce the smoke free policy and any non-compliance will be
handled according to the following process:
· Explanation of the club policy to the person/people concerned, including identification of the areas
in which smoking is permitted
· Continued non-compliance with the policy should be handled by at least two committee members
who will use their discretion as to the action taken, which may include asking the person/ people to
leave the club facilities or function.
Policy Promotion
The club will promote the smoke free policy regularly by:
· Putting a copy of the policy in club newsletters, notice boards, and printed member/player
· Displaying a copy of the policy in the club social rooms
· Periodic announcements to members at functions.

The club recognises the importance of educating club members, particularly players, of the benefits of
implementing a smoke free policy and will endeavour to provide information to assist this process.
The club will actively participate in the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program with an
ongoing priority to maintain Good Sports accreditation
Policy Review
To ensure this policy remains relevant to club operations and reflects community expectations the policy
will be reviewed annually.
Signed: Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club Committee
Dated: 3/8/16

Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club Commitment to Children And Young People

That the Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club Inc. endorses and adopts Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding
Children and Young People, Australian Cricket’s ‘Looking After Our Kids’ Code of Behaviour for Affiliated
Associations and Clubs, and Australian Cricket’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People,
effective as at 06/09/2022.

All documents can be found at

The club's Child Protection Officer is Damien Cleary (0438 035 314) who is the go-to person in relation to any child protection matters.

Damien Cleary

Secretary, Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club




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About Us

Salesian Old Boys Cricket Club (SOBCC) began in 1962 as a social and competitive cricket club for all former students of Salesian College. Since those humble beginnings, the Club has welcomed and accepted people and players from all over. You do not have to have attended Salesian College to play with our club.

We openly invite you to come join us and be part of this warm and culturally diverse cricket club.
We have great facilities and our main ground is located within Salesian College, Bosco Street, Chadstone.

This year we will be fielding a total of 2 senior sides in LOC 4 and LOC 8 (regionally based)  of the ECA to allow our Club to cater for players at all skill and experience levels.

Our Location & Committee Members

Where: Salesian College, 10 Bosco Street, Chadstone, Vic, 3148

President: Brendan Allen 0431 237 573

Vice President: Justin Jones

Treasurer: Sithi Liyanage

Secretary: Damien Cleary